Offensive and Prohibited Content

Users are strictly prohibited from utilizing SiteHosting's services to publish or transmit content that SiteHosting reasonably believes:

  • Constitutes pornography or child pornography.
  • Involves excessive violence, promotes violence, or contains harassing content or hate speech.
  • Violates consumer protection laws through deception or unfair practices, including chain letters and pyramid schemes.
  • Defames an individual, invades their privacy, or violates their personal rights.
  • Poses a risk to personal or public safety, compromises national security, obstructs law enforcement investigations, or jeopardizes health.
  • Improperly exposes trade secrets, confidential, or proprietary information owned by others.
  • Aids others in bypassing technical copyright protections.
  • Clearly infringes on another person's trademarks, service marks, patents, or other intellectual property.
  • Promotes illegal drugs, violates export controls, pertains to unlawful gambling, illegal arms trafficking, or any other illegal activities.
  • Is otherwise illegal, solicits illegal conduct under applicable laws, or may result in retaliation against SiteHosting.

Resource Usage

SiteHosting customers are prohibited from engaging in the following practices. SiteHosting retains the right to suspend or terminate accounts that violate these guidelines, with or without prior notice and without incurring liability.

SiteHosting reserves the authority to define resource abuse and take necessary actions. Please refer to the following list for specific restrictions for the packages mentioned below. All parts of the AUP apply to the services below, including the additional items listed.

Shared Hosting Accounts:

  • Resource limits reference: Shared Limits
  • Accounts cannot be used for file storage, database storage, media storage and streaming, computer backups, or archival purposes.
  • Each account may have a maximum of 100 concurrent processes.
  • Processes from each account must execute within 60 seconds.
  • MySQL queries must complete within 30 seconds.
  • Accounts may not run backend services or servers requiring processes running beyond 60 seconds.
  • Remote SMTP or Mail Services are prohibited. Only local email or API-based services are permitted.

Network Abuse

SiteHosting strictly prohibits any form of network abuse, including but not limited to denial-of-service attacks, phishing, port scans, and SYN Floods.

SiteHosting reserves the full right to determine instances of network abuse and take appropriate actions against customers, with or without prior notification and without liability.

Users must refrain from illegal, abusive, or irresponsible behavior, including but not limited to:

  • Unauthorized access or use of data, systems, or networks, including attempting to probe or exploit system vulnerabilities without authorization.
  • Monitoring data or network traffic without proper authorization.
  • Disrupting service for other users, hosts, or networks. This includes actions like mail bombing, flooding, and broadcast attacks.
  • Using an Internet account or computer without the owner's consent, such as internet scanning, password theft, and security hole probing.
  • Forgery of TCP-IP packet headers or email/newsgroup posting headers.
  • Engaging in conduct likely to trigger retaliation against SiteHosting's network.
  • Using SiteHosting's network in ways that unreasonably disrupt other customers' usage.

Prohibited Materials and Services

SiteHosting does not accept materials or services including but not limited to:

  • Public proxies, torrents, tor, warez, escrow, high-yield investment programs (HYIP), illegal gambling, lottery sites or services.
  • Distributed computing software like SETI@home or coin miners, including but not limited to CHIA miners.
  • Operating file sharing, bit torrent, or other P2P network services, client or server software. Content "published or transmitted" via SiteHosting's service includes Web content, email, bulletin board postings, chat, and any other type of posting or transmission that relies on any service provided by SiteHosting.

SiteHosting reserves the right to terminate service for the reasons stated above, and refunds will be at SiteHosting's sole discretion.

Unsolicited Email

Sending unsolicited email, in bulk or individually, to recipients who have indicated their non-desire to receive it is strictly prohibited.

Users must comply with the rules of any other network accessed or participated in using SiteHosting's services.


SiteHosting has no obligation to monitor customer activities under this AUP and disclaims any responsibility for misuse of the SiteHosting network.

Last Updated: 08/25/2023

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